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Transformers Escape: Issue #2 Cover B

Transformers Escape: Issue #2 Cover B

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With war on the horizon, a team of unaligned Cybertronians hatches a plan to save themselves and as many civilians as they can from the impending destruction. Wheeljack, Hound, Highbrow, and other great thinkers and legendary heroes know their plan will work… if they can get the Arks up and running again. But the Decepticons have something else in mind…

Add this to your January 27th New Comic Book Day pull list and in the meantime join in the discussion on the 2005 boards!

Creator credits: Brian Ruckley (Author), Bethany McGuire-Smith (Artist, Cover Artist), Anna Malkova (Cover Artist), Sara Pitre-Durocher (Cover Artist)
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