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Fortnite Red Lynx Victory Royale Series

Fortnite Red Lynx Victory Royale Series

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Victory Royale Fortnite Series Red Lynx Action Figure

You might think that just because you've made it to the winners' circle a couple of times that you've conquered the battlefield. Well, we've got news for you. The fight has come to the real world. The rules are different here. You'll need to assemble an entirely new squad if you want to be named the victor in this rumble. Luckily the bus is dropping off loads of newly available soldiers from the Fortnite Victory Royale Series!

Add this Red Lynx Action Figure to your team and you might just stand a chance in the on-shelf battle royale. This figurine is fully poseable and designed with meticulous game-level details from her Stage 4 red-style ensemble. Equip this hellcat with her Scratchmark Harvesting tool or the included set of weapons. She'll help you claw your way to victory!
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